Scholar, Educator, Soldier, Innovator

Michael Cohen is a veteran military, political and security strategist and conflict resolution specialist who has served a lifetime of professional & volunteer leadership capacities with many global organizations and corporations including the National Basketball Association (NBA), the American Sportscasters Association (ASA), Israel’s National Holocaust Memorial – Yad Vashem, Yeshiva University, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU), and Israel Government Ministries such as Tourism, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Homeland Security, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Office of the President.

Michael has edited several books on peace and security in both English and Hebrew and is currently working on “Where There Is No Vision, People Die,” (Proverbs 29:18); a book on the contributions of non-Jews to the building of the new State of Israel and a children’s book about the flag of Israel.

He is the Hebrew, Bible and Middle-East history & conflict resolution teacher for a number of global church networks and has translated, reworked and taught local spiritual songs to the children, youth and adult choirs of the same.


A 30+ year veteran IDF reserve officer in an elite special-forces counter-terrorism unit, Michael is currently assisting the Israeli-Druze Veterans Association (DVA) develop the first of it’s kind Israeli-Druze Veterans High-Tech Economic Empowerment Center (DTEC). Mike has been active in Israeli, American and Israel-Dispora politics and business in a variety of behind-the-scenes capacities since his teen years. He has worked with the entire gamut of news networks, electronic and print, has been called to consult on a range of topics for members of both houses of the United States Congress and the Israeli Knesset, has addressed the entire alphabet soup of Jewish and Christian organizational life while wearing multiple professional hats in philanthropy, education, business, entrepreneurship, finance and counter-terrorism.

Mike is an expert on Israel-Arab and Israel-USA issues and has served as an adviser on U.S., Jewish and Israeli affairs for a wide variety of Jewish and non-Jewish organizations. He was honored with the prestigious “Reserve Shield” award by Israel’s Minister of Defense in 2008, and by the United Chaplains of New York State with a lifetime honorary membership in 2010. He has served as scholar-in-residence, lecturer and strategist on issues regarding Middle East security, the Military Aspects of International Conflict and Peace Making, Israel-Diaspora relations, Israeli Society and Body Politic, Homeland Security, Conflict Resolution, Christian relationships with Israel and the Jewish people and the use of technology for community a popular teacher and crisis negotiator,

During Operation Defensive Shield in April/May 2002, Mike was assigned as an IDF reservist to the National Emergency Response & Negotiation Team in Bethlehem that was tasked with handling the multifaceted and potentially explosive crisis surrounding the Church of the Nativity’s hostile takeover by terrorists. He has worked with international NGO’s, comprehensively briefing visiting diplomats, politicians, dignitaries, security experts, communal missions and religious leaders in Israel and throughout the world with his first hand experience and perspective.

In 2002 Mike compiled “Ordinary People – Extraordinary Spirit” a 220-page photo essay that illustrated the amazing spirit shown by Israeli, Jewish and Christian Zionist society in the face of the ongoing campaign of global and domestic terror and “The Job of A Jewish Soldier” a children’s book designed to help Jewish parents worldwide explain the images their children are seeing on TV in a gentler and more positive manner.

In the 1990’s, Mike was instrumental in creating The Jewish Sports Congress with NBA draftee David J. Kufeld and was the editor and publisher of its magazine, Jewish Sports & Fitness. The pair later created the Jewish Sports and Entertainment Association and the Munich 11 Memorial Foundation. Both organizations were co-chaired by his mentor, the late Hall of Famer Marty Glickman of HBO, football and Olympic fame, and Israel’s first Olympic medalist Ms. Yael Arad.

Mike is happily married to Elana and is the proud father of Noa (12), Uriel (11) and Natan (6). They regularly welcome dignitaries, friends and groups visiting Israel into their home overlooking the majestic hills of Judea.

To book Michael as a guest speaker or Scholar-in-Residence for your community, school, church, synagogue, Israel Program or tour, or to schedule a visit to his home – please contact us at

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